A reason to laugh: World Gone Crazy Comedy Band

By Johanna Crosby 
February 2013 Wicked Local Cape Cod


A reason to laugh
Has the world gone crazy or what?
It’s no question according to the World Gone Crazy Comedy Band which took its audience on a wild, raucous ride last Saturday night (Jan. 26) at the Cape Codder Resort & Spa in Hyannis. The act is one of a variety of shows slated for the dinner theater series which runs on staggered Fridays and Saturdays through April.

The four-piece rock and roll band delivered a zany, fast-paced 90-minute act of song parodies, comic rants, musical impressions and spoofs of TV commercials. Equal opportunity offenders, they poked fun at almost everyone and everything from Depends and erectile dysfunction to economic freeloaders and the Taliban.

The four-piece rock and roll band featuring lead singer/rhythm guitarist Michael Coleman, drummer/host Gary Marino, keyboardist Will E. Farquhar, and guitarist Peter Rebel, can be entertaining with their musicianship alone. But they clearly feel they can fill up a room and get a better response by combining music with comedy. Judging from the steady laughter from the audience throughout the show, they’re probably right. In a world gone crazy people are looking for reasons to laugh.

The band served up hearty helpings of blue humor spiced with sexual innuendoes and double entendres. It’s definitely not PG entertainment. Their twisted song parodies featured some clever new lyrics set to such rock ‘n’ roll classics as the Beach Boys’ “In My Room,” the Four Seasons’ “Oh, What a Night,” and the Beatles “Love Me Do,” tunes that easily lend themselves to parody. For example “I Get By With a Little Help from My Friends” became “I get By with a Little Help from Depends.” You get the gist.

Coleman, an amiable, rubbery-faced performer, fronted most of the numbers. One of his funniest bits was lampooning TV censorship by bleeping out obscenities with hilarious sound effects. His sophomoric humor was also on full display in a funny revamping of Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” describing a man’s visit to his proctologist. Not as funny, however, was his imitation of a stoned Jim Morrison performing favorite children’s nursery rhymes.

The band paid an irreverent tribute to artists known for their hard to understand lyrics with its 2013 Incoherent Tour peppered with popular but incoherent songs by Bob Dylan, Dire Straits, Bruce Springsteen, the Bee Gees and the Dave Matthews Band.

In a fairly funny stand-up routine Marino’s built a solid case that the world has indeed gone completely nuts with his humorous observations.

“We made it to 2013 and we didn’t go over the fiscal cliff and Mitt Romney didn’t put women in binders,” he cracked.

Citing obesity as a major health problem, Marino said a study claims that ice cream is the No. 1 go-to food when emotions get the best of us, especially flavors like financial crunch and chocolate chip on my shoulder. The best part of his routine was his comedy GPS, a clever device that censored his politically incorrect jokes and left him with one totally politically correct but perfectly bland joke.

Coleman shined in his tongue-twisting dyslexic routine and his hilarious impersonation of Sean Connery fronting Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way.” The band committed their humorous lyrical felonies with Coleman’s gender-bending version of Billy Joel’s “She’s Always a Woman to Me” and his “I’m Just a Guy,” an in-your face rebuttal to what he called the women’s national anthem, Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive.”

The show wrapped up with the band members as the Taliban Chorus. Luckily there were no terrorists in sight. If you like music and comedy you can go crazy with the band when it returns to Hyannis for an encore appearance on April 27.

If you go…
What: Dinner theater series
When: now through April
Where: Cape Codder Resort & Spa, Route 132, Hyannis, Ma.
Admission: $59.99 per person (dinner and show) plus gratuities
Information: 855-861-4370; www.capecodderresort.com/theater