'Mind-blowing' Hyannis show mixes psychic tricks, comedy

Cape Cod Times, By Rachael Devaney, Contributing writer

Jon Stetson isn’t shy about tagging his show as a must-see event: He says he will bring "magical moments" to the Cape Codder Resort & Spa that viewers will remember "for a lifetime."

Jon Stetson isn’t shy about tagging his show as a must-see event: He says he will bring "magical moments" to the Cape Codder Resort & Spa that viewers will remember "for a lifetime."

Stetson is a third-generation mentalist and his “Psychic Mind-Blowing Comedy Show with Jon Stetson" Saturday night will be the first performance in this year’s Dinner Theater series at the Hyannis resort. That program will run through early May, with such features as "Comedy on the Road" and "Mobfellas" (see box).

Stetson's show, which he has performed at the resort before, is a mix of mind-reading and comedy. It involves a variety of feats, including guessing a number in an audience member's mind by using a combination of equations and card tricks; predicting what a person's hobby is; and revealing the name of the first person someone kissed.

A mentalist for 20 years, Stetson says his ability to "know and read people" makes for a show that is "intelligent and interactive fun."

"I can pick up on thoughts by using the power of the mind, magic and humor," Stetson says. "There is a great deal of situation comedy and I also make an effort to make the audience a part of the show."

Stetson says many who see his show try to figure out his methodology when it comes to mind-reading, but says he has really just learned to "know and read people."

"In my case, I use different techniques, and I constantly question and try to understand basic human psychology and statistics," Stetson says. "I also reveal thoughts, and predict the actions of who is in the room. It is an exhibition of the power and precision of what we can do with our minds when they are pushed to the limit."

According to Stetson's website, the Fairhaven resident has performed in 25 countries, done multiple television appearances, and has also performed for world leaders, including President Carter and business tycoon Donald Trump.

Stetson says he was also a consultant on the CBS TV show "The Mentalist," and helped actor Simon Baker with concepts surrounding intuition and observing people's patterns. "Someone from the show saw my performance, and thought I could work with the main character, and do a bit of writing as well. My life philosophies are different from the average person, and they felt I could help them create through their vision. I really enjoyed the work and it was pretty cool." 

Stetson has appeared at corporate events, clubs and theaters, and has performed a “Ladies Only Psychic Party” at venues across the country. He says he’s working on bringing that event to Las Vegas, expanded into what he calls a "grand production" for a multi-appearance series. Stetson’s Facebook page describes that as a "ladies night out," featuring Stetson not only demonstrating his own mind tricks, but also teaching techniques to the audience techniques to help them develop their own psychic capabilities.

And while Stetson has performed for many people around the world, he says there is one appearance that he gave several years ago at The Salvation Army in Cambridge that has stayed with him since.

"On my way to do a nightclub appearance, I ran into this fella at a cafe that said he had seen me perform before and he happened to run one of The Salvation Armys in the area. He said he wished he could afford to have me do a show there and I said, ‘You know what, if you buy me a cup of coffee, I'll go over there and do it,'" Stetson says. "So after I did the show, I was approached by one of the homeless fellows. He pulled me aside and said, ‘That is the first time I have laughed in 15 years.' When he said that, it touched me and it was a moment of magic – one that I will never forget."

Stetson says he remains "blessed" – not only to be able to touch people with his ability, but also because he has been able to follow his dreams.

"I am so fortunate that I know what I want in life and have found a way to help people tap into their unlimited potential. The performances I give, and the people I meet are near and dear to my heart and I have found a great life that I can share with everybody," he says. "And that is what these appearances are all about."

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