A Big Getaway for a Big Family

Cape Codder Indoor Wave Pool

When trying to plan a getaway for my family along with my husband’s two brothers and their families, I was faced with quite a challenge in finding a nice place to stay on Cape Cod that would make everyone happy. We all had certain criteria for the “ideal” getaway.

First and most importantly, we needed someplace that would sleep 6 adults and 4 children ages 4 to 10. In addition to that, I wanted to stay someplace where I could have some serious fun with my children – I felt like I had been working so much, I really wanted to reconnect with my kids. My sister-in-law wanted a little time for herself to escape the chaos. My husband didn’t want to have to eat out every night, he wanted to be able to cook dinner a few times during our vacation. His brother, however, wanted to be somewhere really nice that would pamper us – he didn’t want to rent a whole house that he would have to take care of the whole time and his wife wanted to stay somewhere close to the attractions and shopping in the area.

Well, I thought this task was next to impossible until I discovered a gold mine at the Cape Codder Residence Club! I can’t believe I actually found a place that would make each one of us happy. The luxurious condo-like accommodations were amazing – there were 3 bedrooms – 2 with king beds and 1 with 2 queens, plus the living room had a pull-out sofa. 

The kids all slept in the room with the two beds and each couple got a little privacy in their own space. My husband loved the beautiful kitchen and took it upon himself to make us all dinner a few times. I need to get him to make his Chicken Tortellini at home sometime! But, when he didn’t cook, there were two restaurants (Hearth ‘n Kettle and Grand Cru) right at the resort, and they were both delicious.

There was fun to be had wherever we turned at the resort. We all had a blast in the indoor wave pool – I loved racing the kids down the water slides! They even enjoyed relaxing in the sauna with me (there was one for adults and kids). My favorite was the gorgeous outdoor pool. It was a little chilly out, but the pool was nice and toasty. And, it was salt-water purified – very nice!

My sister-in-law cherished every moment of her time in the spa. She had what she called “the best massage ever” and she even took her daughter back with her to get mother-daughter manis and pedis!

When we eventually did get out and explore, we found that we were in the heart of it all on Cape Cod. We were just down the street from the Cape Cod Mall and several other shopping areas, a few minutes from the quaint Main Street of Hyannis and Hyannis Harbor where we went on a wonderful Hy-line Harbor Cruise and there were beaches whichever way we turned. The location was simply perfect.

All of us adults loved the unique decorating touches in the condo and the fact that we didn’t have to clean. Our wonderful housekeeper came every day to tidy up and make the beds. Oh, and I almost forgot, my children did run low on clean clothes, but I didn’t need to worry – we had a washer and dryer right in our condo. So convenient!

Needless to say, we had the time of our lives. It is certainly more expensive than a regular hotel room, but it was worth every penny. Plus, split between the three families, it wasn’t too bad. I would highly recommend the Cape Codder Residence Club option to anyone needing more than just a simple hotel room on Cape Cod!