Everything You Need To Be Pampered Like a Mermaid

Mermaid in water reflecting Mermaid Package at Beach Plum Spa
Are you ready to be pampered like a mermaid?

Do you dream of the enchanting life of a mermaid? Do you imagine swimming under the sea with your sea creature friends, while wearing a seashell bra and brushing your hair with a fork? Wait, scratch that. A seashell bra can’t be comfortable and just think of all the knots you’d have in your hair from that fork! While “little mermaids” are the stuff of fairy tales, the Mermaid Package at the Beach Plum Spa at the Cape Codder will have you feeling like an enchanted, pampered sea goddess. Enjoy 3 hours and 40 minutes of serene sea-inspired treatments that are created especially to relax, rejuvenate and nourish. This package is perfect for a Girl’s Spa Day, a Bridal Party, a Birthday Celebration, or if you’re just looking to have a day to yourself to release your inner-mermaid and relax your body, mind and soul.


The experience begins the moment you enter the spa. You’ll be provided with a soft, luxurious robe and slippers along with complimentary fresh fruit, herbal tea, coffee and snacks. Picture a calm, tranquil environment. Soft, harmonious music is playing through discrete speakers. Flickering candles light the space with a captivating glow. This is your time to relax. You’re about to be pampered from head to toe with our signature Mermaid Package. Let’s dive in!


1. A Refreshing Oxygen Facial

This treatment harvests the hydrating effects of oxygen for your best-ever skin. Perfect for sun-damaged skin, this facial is like a breath of fresh air for your face — literally. This technology uses optimally pressurized oxygen to deliver an infusion of oxygen, vitamin-rich peptides and moisturizers deep into the layers of your skin. Skin instantly brightens, detoxifies and is left smooth, glowing and refreshed.


2. An Ultra-hydrating Anti-Aging Eye Treatment  

Treat your eyes like the delicate sea flowers they are. This ultra-hydrating treatment replenishes and lifts the eyes. You’ll look and feel refreshed and revitalized.


3. A Warm Seashell Massage

Blissful flowing strokes soothe stiffness and lull you into a profound state of relaxation, while smooth heated seashells are used to rub away aches and pains.  Drift off into ultimate relaxation and increase well-being with this massage worthy of a sea goddess.


4. A Cooling Peppermint Pedicure

Relax on our pedicure throne and let us pamper your tired, aching soles. Soak in warm, soothing water while your nails are trimmed, filed, smoothed and your calluses are buffed away. Dry skin will be gently exfoliated and a soothing massage with peppermint oils and lotions will rejuvenate tired and sore muscles and moisturize dry skin. This pedicure is perfect after spending long summer days on the sand and in the sea.


5. A Mini-Makeup Application

Following your spa treatments, you’ll receive a mini-makeup application with Jane Iredale Makeup. You’ll also get a color-matched lip gloss to take home.


Popular Add-on: Mermaid Hair, Don’t Care

A Shampoo & Blow Dry can be added for $25.00. Available only at the Cape Codder Beach Plum Spa location.

Come and Enjoy Our Facilities!

Come and enjoy the use of our in-spa Executive Locker Rooms featuring state-of-the-art Infrared Saunas with acoustic and chromotherapy functionality. Use of our all-season, outdoor swimming pool and fitness center at the Cape Codder Resort, our seasonal outdoor swimming pool at the Dan’l Webster Inn or our Pilgrim Cove Indoor Theme Pool and fitness room at the John Carver Inn are available to all spa guests with treatments of $200 or more (guests of spa guests are not included). If you would like to use our facilities*, please arrive a minimum of 45 minutes before your appointment time. Restrictions apply. Pool facilities are not available for use in July and August. Please ask in advance.


*Use of Cape Codder Water Park not included with spa services.