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Comedy series at the Cape Codder Resort

January 29, 2020, Cape Cod Online, By Barbara Clark, contributing writer

–The five-night comedy series starts Saturday with Comedy on the Road, a mix of three different types of acts.

What’s hot and what’s not in the current comedy scene? Four or five years ago, “political material was comedy gold,” says Boston-based comedian and promoter-manager Gary Marino.

But not so much anymore.

Now people look to comedy more “as escape” from day-to-day stresses, Marino says. And he’s noticed “a definite uptick” in the number of people who stay after a show to tell him how much they enjoyed it, describing how they “just needed to laugh more.”

Cape Codder Will Present Comedy On The Road

January 11, 2019 - by Falmouth Enterprise/

As part of its winter dinner-theater series, the Cape Codder Resort & Spa will present Comedy on the Road on January 26.

The show will feature Cape Cod Comedy Fest favorite Steve Donovan, rising Boston comedy star Laura Severse, and musical hosts Sauce & Cheese from the World Gone Crazy Band.

Family Travel Review: Visiting the Cape Codder Resort and Spa

October 4, 2018 blog by Kimberly Hensle Lowrance, Writer/Editor/Blogger published on 

My kids love water parks. They love floating down the lazy river on slippery tubes, they love yelling with joy as they speed down curvy water slides, and they love swimming for hours on end. They’ve lobbied for a while (read: about two years) for our family to go to a water park, but like every parent with too much to do and not enough time, I put them off. Soon, I’d say, soon. Then, the folks at the Cape Codder Resort and Spa in Hyannis, MA reached out to see if we’d like to be their guests for an overnight, and I knew I had to say yes. And, I’m glad I did!

Are We There Yet? Discovering Cape Cod, Massachusetts

By Linda Holloway - Kids Life Magazine, March, 2018

It is that time of year when daffodils peek through the warm soil, tulips unfurl their tight folds, and kids count the days to the annual summer beach vacation. Spring has arrived, so begin planning now for a diversion from the usual beach destination. Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is an exceptional vacation spot where kids can enjoy splashing along numerous beaches—many with lighthouses in the background. They can touch a real pirate’s treasure, cheer for playful whales, and find that American history can be entertaining. Families from around the world vacation on this 70-mile-long peninsula where President John F. Kennedy’s family’s compound of summer homes in the village of Hyannis’s enclave at Hyannisport is among its most popular places to visit.

Get Ready For Granny and Grampa - No Rocking Chairs, Please

by Michelle Haynes, Cape Air, Bird's Eye View, Early Spring 2018

Get Ready for Granny and Grampa - No Rocking Chairs, Please
Couples of all Stripes and Persuasions, singles, girfriend getaways and seniors: There is a travel category for whatever floats your boat. And jumping into the market are Baby Boomer grandparents. According to Forbes magazine, multigenerational travel (grandparents) consistently tops the lists as one of the most popular travel trends. 

Cape vacations aren’t just for summer anymore


Conjure a trip to Cape Cod and you’re most likely to envision lazy summer days, bathing suits, flip flops, fried clams, and ice cream cones. While travelers flock to the Cape in droves for family vacations in July, it isn’t the first place (or the second or third) that comes to mind when planning a winter getaway with the kids. But it should be on the radar. Cape Cod is just shy of 70 miles from Boston, which makes it an easy escape for a short jaunt.

Travel to Cape Cod by Andrea Poe,
Journalist who covers travel, adoption and business issues around the globe

I have brought my eight-year-old daughter to Cape Cod in the hope of introducing her to a place I loved as a child. While the sea continues to eat away at its beaches and locals bemoan development pressures, the soul of Cape Cod remains very much the same as it has for hundreds of years.

'MobFellas': Crime time at dinnertime

Written by Johanna Crosby      
Between dinner and dessert mob boss Carmine Pelagatti gets whacked and it's the audience's job to guess the motive for murder and the killer's identity by evening's end.

The Cape Codder Resort & Spa's dinner theater is back again this season and offers a fun way to escape the winter doldrums for a few hours with laughs and a delectable dinner buffet. Last Saturday's offering, Mystery Cafe's interactive murder/mystery comedy “MobFellas" by Scott Sand and Charlotte Dore, forewarns the audience to “leave the gun, take the cannelloni.”

'Mind-blowing' Hyannis show mixes psychic tricks, comedy

Cape Cod Times, By Rachael Devaney, Contributing writer

Jon Stetson isn’t shy about tagging his show as a must-see event: He says he will bring "magical moments" to the Cape Codder Resort & Spa that viewers will remember "for a lifetime."

Jon Stetson isn’t shy about tagging his show as a must-see event: He says he will bring "magical moments" to the Cape Codder Resort & Spa that viewers will remember "for a lifetime."